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Running and Wishing


More progress on the house! The outside part of our pole barn home is going up fast. The harder part comes soon with building walls, electrical, HVAC, etc. And, we are tossing around the idea of making the upper part an actual usable loft area. We originally thought to just make it good attic space. Once we saw how much space is above the 9 ft. ceiling that will be over the bedrooms, that is a LOT of great space.

We need great space.


Because this is getting old. Changing the sheets is a herculean effort. RV life is not awful, but seeing the potential of the house is extremely exciting.

In other news, am I the only once still loving the Christmas lights?


The actual decorations and tree are put away. We loved the look of 2 long strands of light in the main portion of the RV and in the bedroom. The overhead lights are harsh and too bright, especially if one of us is trying to sleep. Having the softer mini-lights helps one of us continue to work/lounge in the living area while the other one is sleeping. And, it’s just a softer and more homey feel. These are staying up! I’m also going to use green ivy and lights in my kitchen. We are building the cabinets to allow for overhead space for lighting.

Running is on point! This is my birthday month and I refuse to feel like an old lady.


It’s almost Friday. That’s a good excuse for me.