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Friday Favorites 1

Finally, the day arrived. After a long week with school, home refinancing issues, other banking issues, it’s finally the end of the week and I’m staring at a great weekend.

A few of my favorite NON-FOOD related things I used this week.

1. Busy Body Book. I write everything down in here that I plan. I use another workout book to record actual food/glucose levels/morning basal temp/workouts. This book is my planning book for everything-home, school, to-do lists, meals, groceries, blog topics, picture project details, etc. I try to get everything down on Sunday so I can quickly look throughout the week. Without this, I’m a big mess of stacks of notes written on receipts or whatever scrap paper I can find. This one is based on the Academic year which works very well for me.

book book2 book3

2. Clinique Redness Solutions. I am scraping the bottom of almost all my makeup, creams, and moisturizers for my face. The one thing I will NOT go without is this green stuff. I use it every morning that I’m getting ready at the gym. My face is always red after working out and after the shower. A little of this stuff and tinted moisturizer and no redness. It’s just a green moisturizer that counteracts the flaming red, but I love it. This and the lip protect stuff will be in my bag as long as they make it.


3. New Balance Trail Shoes….ie….CrossFit shoes

I never thought I would buy shoes for CrossFit. I was perfectly happy using old running shoes until the day I almost blew my knees out because I kept rolling forward under heavy weight. Running shoes have a higher heel to help the foot roll forward and toe off. But when I’m doing heavy Olympic style lifting, I don’t need to roll forward. My trainer told me to take off my shoes and try again. What a difference. And I could do the wall ball squats more efficiently, too. I kept rolling forward before. These are the New Balance Minimus WT20 (women’s trail 20).  These and the WT10 have a 4mm drop which is significantly lower than traditional running shoes.

These are part of the minimus trail line and I’m happy to say that due to my gradual move to minimal forefoot landing, these work great on the TM. I’m not sure if they can stand up to the real trails, though. I wore them to work one day and the gravel in the parking lot really chewed up my feet. I will keep my regular trail shoes for running. shoes

4. Gillette Venus. Little sister knows what she is talking about. She showed me this piece of plastic perfection about 2 years ago. The blades are expensive, but I can get a lot of use out of one. The best part is the soapy strips. Whatever you do, DON’T leave this on the tub or shower corner where water can get to it. It will melt off the moisturizing stuff.


That’s it for this weeks’ Friday Favorites. Hello weekend!!

I can’t feel my arms.
Get some sleep!


Tuesday 31st of January 2012

Thanks! Just ordered my pair.


Monday 30th of January 2012

I like those NB shoes, considering giving them a try for days I run to my bootcamp sessions and for crossfit. I hate using my running shoes, they just slip too much, Did you size up in these shoes? I usually buy a half size up in my running shoe but not sure if I would want to do that for these shoes. Thanks!


Monday 30th of January 2012

I did order these a half size larger, like I do with running shoes. However, I do have some extra room in the toe box. I do use very thin socks and still had some extra room in the toe.