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Food for thought

natures skittles

Now this doesn’t mean that I won’t be partaking of any Sour Patch Jelly Beans if they somehow wind up on my desk at school (Token Male, I’m looking at you). It just means that I like looking at this variety of color and would definitely choose this over skittles. Most days… 😉

Speaking of school, I am taking a trial run tomorrow of going “back to school”. We have some computer training whatnot in the morning, so I’m trying to get my gym clothes laid out, my gym bag re-packed with stuff (all those almost empty bottles are just sad. I need to restock before the real return in August), morning shake stuff ready, Garmin HRM charged, snacks and water and vitamins, planner filled out, car cleaned, running shoes/clothes for AFTER training, inspirational music ready, and massive doses of anti-anxiety meds….wait, I don’t have those. Yet. Seeing that skittle post reminded me of the annual August fight to resist stress eating. I did pretty good last year. I need to do better this year.

And I have 4 weeks left so the heartburn and stomach issues need to STOP and let me enjoy my summer, dangit.

Happy Monday!