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Final Friday

Today is it. The last weekday of summer break. I’ll be busy this weekend doing my usual school year stuff like laundry, meal prep, grocery shopping, more laundry, getting my long run scheduled, and some yoga, if I’m lucky and awake enough to do it.

Might as well get up and get going! My classroom is still a danger zone so I have a a busy day at school planned. Kids arrive next Thursday and I am not ready.

Fuel. Today is a new Whole 30 (separate post later) so no cream this morning. I didn’t really care. I didn’t sleep well at all and just needed something to wake me up.


Breakfast on the porch. So long, lazy weekday mornings out here. Now I’ll have to wait for Saturdays.


Fun in the classroom feeding my Sharpie addiction. I keep these up high on my filing cabinet away from the kids. They have their own markers and I keep mine to myself.



These are the welcome back post cards for the kids and my welcome letter to the parents. Glad I finally got these done! More kids are added to my growing list (23+) each day!


I’m not crazy about all the patterns and colors. I need to do something with all this jumble. My small desk area needs to be less chaotic.


Finally got to a point where I couldn’t look at the room anymore. I’ll be back Sunday afternoon for a few hours and can get the rest of it done. Maybe. I needed to get out of the building for some retail therapy.

New scent for after CrossFit classes in the AM. I don’t wear perfume around small kids but I love smelling like a person, not a gym sock. This one caught my eye.


Clinique, it’s been way too long. My face is not getting any younger. This is the presale for the Bonus Week. I gave her my long list, she bagged it up and saved it for the Bonus day on Tuesday. I hope she gave me some good samples! I got a big complement on my face from her and a couple of curious customers watching her shade match my stuff. They didn’t believe my age. 🙂 That is almost as good as getting carded for buying rubber cement. I had to prove I was at least 30! I can’t take credit for that. I have great face genes in my family.


After this, I made the trip to Old Navy to stock up on Tshirts. We are not allowed to wear our school Tshirts or other plain boxy shirts. Those of us who teach the youngest kids decided to try the plain fitted CHEAP shirts from ON with our cheap khakis. There is not a day that goes by that I do not have pencil, crayon, whiteboard marker, scissor holes, etc in my clothes. I refuse to dress like I’m a business professional. Refuse. I had to replace 3 shirts from last spring and I wanted to check out new colors. This ON was a big fat dud. I’ll check out the one in Birmingham tomorrow.

The days are moving much faster and I’m not thrilled. Unless football starts tomorrow, I don’t want my day to fly by.

Happy Friday!