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Elvira’s last stand

Have I mentioned that today is the Rock’n’Roll Nashville half marathon?? I’m sure I’ve mentioned it somewhere…. Anyway, I’m still in Tuscaloosa. Not Nashville.

I was packed and ready and on the way yesterday. I was on 65 north to Nashville. A truck pulling a trailer with construction material swerved over in front of me. A big piece of concrete board (not drywall….concrete) flew off like a Frisbee and nailed my front end. Looking at the picture, a few inches higher and I might not be here to tell this story.

I had to return home and get my Subaru to the body shop in Nashville and Stephen had to stop construction to deal with insurance. This is a 2017. Brand new. Tons of electrical sensors and gadgets bells and whistles. We had to twist some arms with insurance to get them to approve a tow back to Birmingham and have Subaru fix this.

2017-04-28 18.31.43

That was yesterday and today, I am acting like a spoiled toddler. I trained for this race and I LOVE racing in Nashville. It’s one of my favorite places to run.

2017-04-29 12.33.11-1

As usual, Frankie the emo-cat, could tell I was upset and he spent his day glued to my side or over my head. I’m convinced this cat has human powers. The stories of Frankie would boggle the mind.

2017-04-29 20.09.01

Someone else felt really bad for me and grateful that I’m still walking around unharmed and in one piece. He cranked up the grill and made steaks for us. I could live in the RV forever (not really but whatever) as long as I had a grill handy.

2017-04-29 16.12.09

House update! The loft floor is finished. I think we are going to put the HVAC unit on one side, run the duct work around the edge of this space, build a bench box at the opening straight ahead, and install drywall beginning about 4 feet high from the sides. That would make a gigantic space for something. Heavy bag with Rocky posters would be AWESOME! Christmas tree storage (still intact just zipped in a bag) would be great, too.

I’m bummed but I can’t mope too long. We have to get a rental lined up for work next week. Fun times.