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Eat+Run’s Newest Contributor

Want to hear something really crazy? I now have a regular publishing opportunity.  US News & World Report has an online Health page and one feature of that page is their Eat+Run Blog. A few weeks ago, through Fitfluential, I was offered a contributing publisher opportunity. We set up a schedule and a list of topics and I published my first article.  Huffington Post and Yahoo news picked it up and within a few hours, someone from CrossFit HQ contacted me. I was a little shocked!

I will be publishing twice a month on various topics related to running, nutrition, and even CrossFit (make sure if you ever write or type “CrossFit” that you include a capital F. Trust me on this). I will try to focus on 1 nutrition post and 1 exercise post to keep things balanced but I’m not glued to any specific schedule. The editor I have been working with is outstanding! She is completely supporting with scheduling and content flexibility. I will be cross posting my articles here after they go live for one week. I am very excited about this opportunity!