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Alabama v Texas A&M

Alabama 49-Texas A&M 42


It was a fantastic game. Now that it is over and I’m completely exhausted from cheering, hand-wringing, verbally abusing a ref with an itchy hand holding a yellow flag, and eating a lot of really good nachos, I can say it was a fantastic game.

I get the Wife-of-the-Year award for this game. It started at 2:30, but Stephen wasn’t going to get off work until 4:30. We agreed to both try to avoid the TV and social media until he could get home and watch it together. I knew he would have a better chance at blackout than I would, but I gave it a good shot.

He managed to bury himself in a lab wearing headphones so he couldn’t hear any cheering or conversations. When he got back in the main office to go home, his partner had covered his own head with a walmart bag with eye holes cut out. “This is so you can’t see my expression”. He has an awesome partner.

I turned off the phone, put the laptop outside, turned on a DVD, and tried to work on lesson plans for a while. It worked. We started the game at 5:00 and sped through the commercials.


Nice try, Johnny Hancock.

Rare smile from Saban.

College GameDay was there.


And after an extremely hard fought battle, Alabama pulled it off. Rematch over. See y’all next year.

Oh and I made my lucky nachos.