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Easy nights

I can feel the fall weather just waiting around the corner. I wish it would get here! I’m tired of sweating by 1pm at school.

On the drive home from the conference, I found the Glee cast channel on pandora. Of course, that meant after 3 songs, I ditched the P and started going down my itunes list of Glee. The first season is still my favorite but I’m hoping this new season is worth watching. I missed the emphasis on songs in Season 3. Who doesn’t love a little Journey?


I didn’t stop believing about a good dinner. (did you see what I just did there?) 😉 But first, I dusted off the treadmill and got in a very slow, very wheezy 3 miles. My lungs are still not back to normal. It almost feels like I’ve been a smoker, maybe. Very short breaths, can’t get a full lung expansion, just labored breathing. And that was before I got on the TM.

I made a huge pot of beans n’ greens soup yesterday and while the weather isn’t cooperating yet, I did a great job of faking it. Even down to the short days, early nights lighting of candles.


Dessert, because you know..I worked out so I need dessert ;-), I had a piece of brownie. This is from Bob’s red mill gluten free brownie mix. I’ll have a full review of this up later tomorrow. First impressions: better than my homemade. Seriously. The gooey and chewy are out of this world.


However, Frankie was not impressed.


Too blessed to complain
Tuesday got the memo.