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Doctor Details

Once again, back at the doctor for another allergy-induced sinus infection. This one hit fast and hard and seemed to invade my lungs, too. And, since the apple-a-day didn’t keep the doctor away, the apple bowl is getting repurposed.

This is the last week before spring break! I am ready for a week to heal up and not think about spring testing for kindergarten. I understand the need for testing, but the AMOUNT is beyond ridiculous. Take it down a few levels, please.

These are the books for 5 year olds to test each week, or bi-weekly, depending on progress. Two most hated words in school. “Progress Monitoring”. The time I spend on these tests is better spent on TEACHING. But..they don’t ask the teachers before doing this kind of ridiculousness.

Breakfast this fine morning. Scrambled cheese eggs. I’m not really able to taste anything, but Atlas gave this two paws up….on the counter to try to sneak a nibble.

Obviously, this went into his bowl and I made more or me. Thanks, Atlas.

I’ve been experimenting with chicken salad, lately. I have a massive love for chicken salad, similiar to my love for potato soup.

However, I am EXTREMELY picky about my chicken salad. The amount of mayo and the texture must be on point. This bowl with some bone broth hit the spot. It is probably a little dry for many people, but again…mayo issues.

This Coronavirus is getting a little concerning. It’s been on my radar since mid-January but this is Hawaii. The news from China is not good. I’m getting Contagion vibes from this thing. Am I ready for a 14-day quarentine? Is my house ready? Interesting times we have right now.

One day down, 4 more to go. Happy almost spring!