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Days 4 Estes Park—

I LOVE this place!! Is it the crisp mountain air? The sounds of the Fall River? The spectacular views?

Yes……most of the time. But check out this.


And after driving all day and getting soaked in a cold rain……I spent an hour in this with the fireplace going and my kindle. Utter abandonment.


My mother would totally approve of this tub. She and I share a love of the hot bubble bath no matter what the weather.

And look! They left us a welcome gift. Coffee, chocolate, and popcorn.


Now, back to food talk.

It’s not hard to find good fresh food in most of these mountain towns. Yes, some tourist spots have plenty of so bad it’s good for you food and I had my fair share of those meals along the way. But today, I wanted something warm and filling. We stopped at the Elkhorn Grill after a recommendation from the front desk. I can’t believe I didn’t get a good pic of this vegetable beef soup because I still think about how good it was.

With it, I got a ham and turkey panini on focaccia bread. I could only eat half of it because I plowed through some soup. Ignore the chips. They went back to the kitchen. This was an outstanding bread, earthy and good herbs throughout.


After lunch, it was time to explore!

 Copy (1) of estes3 city14

estes4 estes10

Then it was time for dinner.


Yes, Wapiti means “elk”. But I didn’t partake.

I had ‘shrooms and shrimp. Fried. Ugh. I felt like I inhaled a concrete block. It was good…..but drank a metric ton of water after.

shrooms shrimp


I’m going to sleep tonight with the sounds of the river, the flicker of a fireplace, and the view of the bright stars out of my window. I may not be going back to Alabama.

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