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Conversations with Katrina-Paper Planning

2018 Conversations with Katrina

We’re bringing paper back, y’all.

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I’ve been a paper planner for years. Back in elementary school, picking out my planner for back-to-school was the highlight of my week. I checked for paper thickness, size, ease of use, color, etc. Keep in mind, this was light years before the digital apps came out. But even after my first Blackberry, I never used the calendar app. It just didn’t make sense to me. Here are my thoughts on paper vs digital planners.

2017-04-06 08.04.02-1

1. The act of writing something down seems to help me remember it.

There is something to writing words down on paper. I know I could text it into my phone, but it’s not the same. As I writing each letter, I am cementing it in my short term files in my brain. It’s weird, but nobody should be surprised by that.

2. A planning routine is a functional routine

Back in my days of consistent paper planning, my Sunday night ritual includes moving sticky notes from all over the place to writing them permanently in my weekly planner. Making my weekly plans made my weeks go by much smoother than before I had a routine. Think sticky notes everywhere with no idea what was coming up next.

3. I’m always aware that if my phone disappears, my planner will always be with me.

I know that sounds ridiculous, but that’s just how I view the whole digital thing. Maybe I’m old school and set in my ways, but just check instagram for the tags #planner #erincondren #plannergram. There area  LOT of us who are bringing paper planners to this century. I’m thrilled to be part of that movement.

Still not convinced? Last year, 900 of us met in Nashville for a planner conference. Yes, a conference for people who love stickers and paper planning.

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Need more convincing? I’ll let you know how 1300 of us celebrated paper planning this weekend at the Go Wild Conference in Austin.

2018-05-04 07.33.55

Here is one of the many pictures I have of myself with Erin Condren. I’m a devoted fan and have been for years since I got my first Life Planner and I haven’t looked back.

If you haven’t tried a paper planner in a while, run to your next Target or Michaels and check out the variety of planners there. Check out the planner Instagram tags. Take a glimpse into the world of paper planning and you might just find your next life hack to make your weeks go better.

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Happy Planning!