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Coming Up in October

Coming up october

I always have lofty goals for October. This year is no different.

Every year, I sit down in the week between Christmas and New Year and put in some time on long-term blog planning. I never seem to remember just how life-draining August and most of September is for a teacher. Literally, all other parts of my life get put in a dark closet when I’m trying to get a new class, new routines, and new pressures under control.

That is the reason for a handful of posts between July and today. But, I’m not going to excuse it or dwell on it. October is here and this is basically the gateway to Christmas. Every year, I love fall a little more. I no longer have seperate holiday fun. I bundle it all into whatever happens between October 1 and the end of January. If I’m honest with myself, I begin the holicrazy in September when we start talking about apple picking around the last week.

So what’s coming up? Things I love to talk about. Food, marathon training, fall anything, FOOD, and puppies. Stick around, I’m settling in with some pumpkin candles and a hot toddy hoping to bring in some cooler weather for Alabama. Happy October!