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Coming up in May

Coming up May

I just have to do this.

Y’all excuse me for a moment.


For the young kids who don’t get this….

Now that I’m gotten that one out of my system, let’s get on with upcoming posts in May. These may or may not actually get posted because 1) it’s May and 2) I’m a teacher and 3) Teachers in May have no brain function left to do anything but survive the last 3 weeks of school. But I have high hopes that I might actually get these posted.

Summer is here!! I don’t really care what the calendar says, the weather has decided this wishy-washy spring with cold weather one day and hot the next is driving everybody over a cliff. The 90’s have already settled in for a very long summer. I miss you, October with your cool air and boots and flannel.

Summer brings recipes for Memorial Day celebrations and those last few days of school lunches. I have some race info coming up and training plans. There is a little conference in Austin that I’m looking forward to attending. Erin Condren life planners release today for early insiders. Anybody think they are the worst end-of-school-year mom or teacher? I have comforting news. You’re not the worst.

Along with the end of the year, have you met with your child’s teacher? Did you know there are some questions you need to ask? Let me help you with that. Also, the keto train is moving along, finally.

It’s going to be a FAST and busy month, so buckle up and enjoy the days in the sun.