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Coming up in June

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I’ll start with my May review. Basically May was a Vegas trip and  the end of the school year. I don’t want to look back at 10 years of blogging and look at all the Mays, but I bet they are skimpy and pitiful and reek of survival mode.

As my momma said, June is here. Why is April still on the first page?? I did update April and I do have 3-4 drafts for May, but I’m back to live blogging as it happens and as I have an internet connection.

Also, here is my usual June disclaimer. I post in June strictly for me and my family and anybody who wants a running detail of our vacation. I do not index these posts for the Google, I don’t schedule for social media, I don’t care how many hits these posts get. I write them for us as a memory keeper.

We are so very fortunate to have work schedules that allow us to spend an entire month out west each year. We go when it’s most economical and we cut costs by camping a LOT and keeping our eating out to 1 meal a day. We are pros at budget vacations.

So, that being said, if you have zero desire to see day-to-day updates (when I have access to wifi…which is not often), check back in July. I’ll be posting my usual “I hate humidity” and recipe posts and summer survial.

If you do happen to check in, aside from Colorado posts, there will be a few non-vacation themes. For example, how do you keep the marriage bliss rocking on when one of you is a runner and the other is not? I have suggestions.

Pet traveling tips? Because we are learning this for the first time, I have plenty of “do NOTs” and a few things that are working with pet travel.

Why did I bring my life planner on vacation?? In June, this life planner becomes my memory keeper. I’ll show you how.

When the Clampetts roll back into Alabama, what’s next? I have plenty of tales of post-vacation blues, tasks, lists, and chaos. I’ll see you on June 30 for that one.

Until the next time, happy JUNE!


Wednesday 12th of June 2019

Glad you’re back.