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Colorado Day 1-the Peak

14,110 ft.





This morning, I was sooooo excited. I was in Goodland, Kansas, which is flatter than flat. The drive to Colorado Springs seemed to take FOREVER, but all of a sudden, the mountains began to sneak through the clouds. We were here last June and it felt like I never left the small quaint town of Manitou Springs, home of the Peak. I love being on top. I wish there was more snow, but the views take my breath away. Last year, it took 3 days to make it to the top due to bad weather the first two days. Today, sunny skies and blue clouds.

As far as my eating today, it’s been pretty good! I woke up and ran 5, then downed another oatmeal bar and OJ/Amazing Grass. That kept me going (remember, I was driving/riding for 4 hours) until lunch. The designated quick eat place was KFC. Ew. I had half a chicken pot pie. I didn’t want the salt, but I really didn’t want fried chicken either. I can’t beg and demand to eat in only whole food/deli places for every meal, but I did bargain for a better choice in dinner stops. I had green beans, pinto beans, and 3oz of prime rib. Soooo good, but no picture :-(  I left the camera in the hotel.

Tomorrow, I’ll be visiting one of my favorite on-line stores…Crate&Barrel!!!!! I’ve never been to a physical store, so this is HUGE for me.

The road to Colorado!!!
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