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The road to Colorado!!!

I was so excited to go, I almost forgot to sleep. I love everything about Colorado. I have been looking forward to this trip since I got home from Colorado last summer. Counting down the days….literally.

Eating on the road is tricky. I had oatmeal bars, Amazing grass w/ fruit juice drinks, and lots of trail mix.

Finally, it was time for real food. We stopped at Steak & Shake. I haven’t been there in FOREVER because there isn’t one close to where I live.

I love burgers like everyone else, but I couldn’t have them AND fries, so I settled on 1 small slider and the best vegetable soup I’ve had in a while. Ignore the fries. I didn’t eat them. Or the other burger. Often on vacation, I’ll give myself the freedom to “eat what I want’, I only do this once or twice a year”. But this summer is different. I can’t expect to be 100% perfect and eat salads and grass all day, but I can make better choices. monday food


Tonight, after 18 hours, I crashed without eating much of anything. I had a salad at Pizza Hut. I was too tired to care that it wasn’t that great. Tomorrow, I’ll be on the top of Pike’s Peak.

Happy 4th of JULY!!
Colorado Day 1-the Peak