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Class of 2014

Tonight was our Kindergarten awards night. We handed out certificates to students in crispy dresses, pleated pants (or the one pair of pants that still fit) and too-tight shoes, and washed hair and faces.

They sang some of their favorite songs like this.


and of course, no class program is complete without ALL the kids singing this…and adults simultaneously groaning in despair or singing along (The Voice hopefuls, I’m looking at you..).


It was cute and wonderful and just reminds me how blessed I am to have a job I love in a school that is the absolute best in the state and with people I consider family.

And tomorrow, I leave my babies with a substitute while I go start the allergy testing process and then drive to GA to run up my favorite bluff. Teacher needs a complete breakf from cuteness and stress. Running in the woods imagining poisonous cicadas or banjo-weilding creep shows qualifies as a break.

For those of you who are not yet finished with school, I bet you can relate to this mom. I am not a mom, but I can tell you that MANY teachers can relate to this. You should see my smiley faces on the behavior charts in September and and May. My kids know that if I scrawl anything, it is assumed to be a “green” day even if its in pink. If a kid has messed up beyond all hope, I’ll attach a sticky note. My bulletin board might still have our new year’s goals. At least I pulled down the turkeys last month.

I have no idea what I ate today. My lunch, like my life, comes to a toss up during the last weeks of school. I know I can’t depend on the cafeteria because heaven knows THEY are done trying to make anything remotely edible. This is “clean out the freezer” time so mystery everything is on the lunch line.

One more full week, then 3 “clean up” days y’all.  We’ve got this!

Salad days and nights
Pepper beef stir fry