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What does that mean?

Common abbreviations, terminology, and shorthand ways of reading and posting workouts WOD: Workout of the Day #: simple sign for pounds (lbs). It’s the “pound” sign on phones and smart phones. AMRAP: As many rounds as possible SDHP: Sumo deadlift high pulls KB: Kettle bells T2B: Toes to Bar K2E: Knees to elbows Squat: just …

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What to do now?

The mandatory break from exercise is about to drive me insane. I got my latest CPK numbers to see if the rhabdo is still working its way through my body. I’m only down to 12,000. Yes, I’m glad I haven’t regressed. I just wish I could recover much faster. I’m really tired. All muscles are …

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Rhabdo update

I’m at the doctor now with good news! My CK (creatine kinese) level went from 56,000 down to 37,000. Down is good. He wants me down to a “semi-safe” level of 2,000 before I’m released. The only reason I’m not in the hospital is because I’m a great bargainer. Okay not really, but mainly because …

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Rhabdo watch-Day 3

Days 1 and 2 were not that bad. I hope today is better, though. I had a rough night. my hand is really hurting and the arm started swelling worse than ever. around 2 am, it was throbbing bad and my skin was crackling around my upper bicep. I’m about to head back to dr. …

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I’ve got rhabdo-let the fun begin

Here’s what you’re missing. Rhabdomyolysis is a condition in which damaged skeletal muscle tissue breaks down rapidly. Breakdown products of damaged muscle cells are released into the bloodstream; some of these, such as the protein myoglobin, are harmful to the kidneys and may lead to kidney failure. The severity of the symptoms, which may include …

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