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Rhabdo watch-Day 3

Days 1 and 2 were not that bad. I hope today is better, though. I had a rough night. my hand is really hurting and the arm started swelling worse than ever. around 2 am, it was throbbing bad and my skin was crackling around my upper bicep. I’m about to head back to dr. for my 4th blood draw and start my 8th bag of fluids.

It’s BEAUTIFUL day! It’s a perfect fall morning and I should be on my way to a long run, Farmer’s market, and Alabama football tailgating. But a small change of plans means I’ll spend 4 hours at the dr, swing by the cupcake store, and watch the game with a bowl of fake potato soup. But never fear, I will make an adventure out of this day. You can’t get down on a football Saturday!

Speaking of cupcakes, I must clarify. Obviously I love them for their versatility. I can make 4 or 40. I can buy 1 or a dozen. What I like most is that I can eat 1 bite, be satisfied, and save the rest for another day. I obviously can’t chow down a whole cupcake with extravagant icing or my glucose will go through the roof. I love trying a taste and then putting it up. And here is a beauty that I didn’t even try. It was for Stephen since he is not crazy about sweets, but loves Germans Chocolate cake. I’m going back to this store (3rd store in Tuscaloosa) today after my 3 hours of torture treatment. I heard a rumor there was a maple pancake and bacon variety called The Hog, in honor of today’s game against Arkansas. If there is such a thing, you can be your sweet cupcake I’ll be trying it.

But until then, wish you had lick-o-vision.