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Brutally Honest Ways to Beat the Heat

beat the heat


We’ve all heard of the usual things regarding working out in the summer. No-brainers like drink water, dress for the heat, etc. This list is not that different except this is my brutally honest advice. Expert level: Absolut…

1. Just don’t do it.

Stay inside between 10am and midnight. In fact…just stay inside during waking hours. If you MUST workout or run outside, do it between 2am and 6am. If you live in the south, give up the dream now. Resurrect it in October when the humidity will not melt the pores off your face.

2. Drink vodka.

No, not while working out. Save the alcohol for those lazy summer nights when you regret not risking boiling bones to get that training run in. Soak your pity in blueberry vodka. Promise to try again tomorrow. We all know tomorrow is full of promises and the whispers of previous failures. That means that tomorrow is just as hot and miserable as today so save some shots for tomorrow night.

3. Dress in appropriate clothing.

The advice to wear “wicking” and “breathable” clothing is valid for most months of the year. But during the hottest parts of a southern summer, no amount of wicking is going to lessen the severity of that dog-breath feeling that happens while trying to breathe outside.

However, those crazy UK people have an idea..

Ice bras.


4. Move

Antarctica. Canada. Greenland. Iceland. Take your pick. Pack your essentials and move.

5. Get up off the couch and woman up.

This is the honest-to-goodness truth. I’ve lived many summers in the south, and most days I just have to ignore the wailings of my previous unhealthy self. Excuses are everywhere and I’m not letting the weather be one of them. I stay hydrated. I wear as little as decently possible. I choose less-miserable times of the day. I go out and get it done and then I drink my nightly cocktail or…..crash for a nap.

Happy Monday everyone!!

Mt. Evans Colorado
Packing cubes for a Runcation