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Packing cubes for a Runcation

runcation eagle creek

One of the best parts of being a lifelong runner is taking advantage of the infamous “racecation”. That is a getaway for the purpose of running a race. It can be a one-night stay in a budget hotel filled with band campers or biker convention participants or it can extend to weeks-long trips to exotic places. No matter which form of racecation you choose, packing is an endeavor. Packing for a race can be like packing for a month with 5 toddlers. There are bags. And lists. And “must not forgets”. We runners are a superstitious breed. Leaving the house without the lucky socks is tantamount to athletic treason.

After 10 years of running and racing, I finally have the whole thing nailed down.

Check out this display of beauty.

Eagle Creek 2

That, my friends, is a clever Tetris of packing cubes. I am very new to this way of packing and I will NOT be going back to the dig-and-hope method. A few weeks ago, Eagle Creek sent a sample of some of their packing cubes to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Ambassadors. What better group to try out travel cubes? At the time, I had just returned from Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville and my suitcase was a giant mass of shame. And of course, I left my favorite running shirt behind so I had to buy a new one at the expo. I wish I had these with me. A shoe locker is perfect for keeping the sweaty shoe smell (the true sign of a perfectly broken-in shoe) away from the clean clothes. It’s also great for packing the muddy shoes for the ride home.

Eagle Creek

After my race, I had to pack for a trip to New Orleans. I had already ordered more cubes because I wanted to try packing this way before our month-long trip out west. As you can see above, keeping all my clothes organized is WAY better than my previous method. I ordered even more sets for the Colorado trip.

Eagle Creek 3

Eagle Creek packed

What I loved best about the cubes and sleeves is the organization. I could easily roll up my clothes and then FIND them easily when I’m digging in the dark or just plain trying to find the bottom of a massive suitcase. For shorter trips, these cubes organize race clothes, street clothes, and keep wet clothes separate.

The next racecation for me is Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis in October. If you want to join me or register for any remaining 2016 races, use the code KATRINARUNS for 15$ off.

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