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Breckenridge 2019

The first stop in 2019 was Colorado Springs. We crashed for the night and got up early to try to get to the summit of Pike’s Peak before the summer rush. We have found that getting to 14,000 ft for a little while helps with the altitude issues.

We stopped by the Catamount resevoirs on the way up. It was a picture-perfect day. Some years, we are dealing with haze and smoke. Some years, we have clouds and blue skies. This was a good year on the Peak.

After a little time up hight, we headed on to Keystone. This is a ski area outside of Breckenridge. We are staying in a condo for the first few nights before we go camp at Rocky Mountain National Park.

We found plenty of snow up at Kite Lake. This was the first chance we had to get Atlas off lease and see how he adjusted to seeing snow.

He loved every minute.

After we found some groceries for the next few days, we went right into Breck to see if anything has changed from last year.

It was perfect, just as we hoped.