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Boot Camp Graduation!!

I made it through! Four weeks of getting up at 4:30, surviving INTENSE hour long workouts, gym showers, and some great results. I can do boy push-ups now. I actually have a mini V-taper going on. My arms are still not where I want them to be and neither is my butt. But, I’m down about 8lbs and my pants are definitely looser. I have one more partial week of school, then I’ll be back for another 4 weeks of boot camp. I’m not done yet.

So, to congratulate myself, I needed steak and veggies. I love the grill.

squash onions

steak dinner

Stephen is an excellent grill master. I just take the pictures and eat the results!

Frankie had a little scare this week. I woke up and couldn’t find him. I finally found him in his bathroom, crying. He was dribbling pee everywhere and was in obvious pain. Long story short, he was in bad shape. He had a partially blocked bladder and needed surgery. He was fine the night before, playing and talking like normal. But apparently, he had stopped peeing and then couldn’t go like normal. He stayed at the vet 2 days and nights and finally came home Thursday.

So, this has been the longest week, but now I’m ready to get this last week of school over!


Wednesday 26th of May 2010

Congrats on your Boot Camp success! I love the group setting of workouts! Definitely keeps the endurance and enthusiasm up and holds you responsible! Waking up at 4:30 is NOT EASY. Good for you! Yum to the meals!


Saturday 22nd of May 2010

Glad to see your blog. Your plate looks good. Wish you were here to cook for me.