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Book Challenges for 2019

2019-01-28 17.31.42

Last year, I participated in my first year-long book challenge. I also dedicated a book blog page to this website to keep up with my reviews and lists. I started  the year with a Goodreads goal of 100 and adjusted that goal in June to 150. I actually surpassed that goal and that total did not include re-reads. Or magazines. Or school books. Or the random pamphlets in doctors’ offices.

imageWhat I love about book challenges is the challenge part.   I’ve been an avid reader for most of my life. Growing up in a used bookstore with the grandmother who taught me how to read will firmly create a love for reading. For years, I’ve read and reread a few familiar authors and I had been stuck in a rut. Not a  bad one…I mean Kristen Ashley and J.D. Robb write the stories you WANT to get stuck in.

But I was still reading the same kinds of stories without much thought behind them. 2018 brought about 2 book subscription series—Romance Reveal and Book of the Month–and 1 book challenge and I had the BEST year discovering new authors and genres. This year, I’m going for 3 different challenges.

1. Goodreads 2019 challenge. 150 books. I’m already behind by 11 books…yikes.

2. Monthly reading challenge. I joined this from Monica’s reading group. Her Etsy shop is Peanut Butter Taco and it’s amazing. I have read the January goal—the first book recommended to you in 2019. That would be the Kiss Thief by LJ Shen.

2019-01-28 20.12.17

3. The Rainbow challenge, also from Monica’s group. The goal is to read 20 books with various color covers. Since I read a mix of hard copy and kindle, I’ll actually have to pay more attention to the covers on kindle. I’m a description first kind of girl.

2019-01-28 17.31.49

With January halfway over, I need to get busy reading. I have new Kristen Ashley and Christine Feehan books in 2 weeks waiting to download. And, of course, it’s almost time for the February installment of the latest J.D. Robb. Stay tuned for more updates, including this book planner and sticker storage book.