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Black Friday Adventures

Last night was nothing short of glorious. We got to my my parent’s house just in time for gumbo. This is a newer tradition and I think it just needs to join the ranks of Christmas Eve pajamas and baking cookies. Mom decided to try using a gluten-free flour for the roux and I think it was a winner.

2014-11-27 19.37.08-2

And this baby food spice cake is all for me. Well, I guess other people can have a slice or two, but since Mom made it so I can have it, I’m claiming it.

2014-11-27 20.03.19-2

After we stuffed ourselves silly and watched a movie, we rolled to bed to get 3 hours of sleep. It sounds torturous, but really, it’s not that bad. We got up and loaded into the car. Before I was good and awake, I found myself in a freezing line of people at 4:00 am. By 5:20 am, I had a basket full of goodies. Jackets for winter running/working out and summer in mountains. The turkey is for my nephew, although I think I had just as much fun with it as he did!

2014-11-28 05.34.36-2

We hit the mall next and had a great time because the crowds were..not crowded. I’m not a fan of shopping on Thanksgiving but I it certainly thinned the crowds on Friday. Also, we chose to go to the indoor mall instead of the 2 outdoor malls. With a stroller and a very busy toddler, we knew the indoor would be better and we know where to go for sales.

Like the candle store. Bacon, anyone?

2014-11-28 13.28.46

The one minute in Bath and Body Works when nobody was in this section. That place was hopping.

 2014-11-28 10.16.39 

Lunch and a pit stop to fix a bad batter connection. In all our years of Black Friday, this is the firs year we had car trouble. But Good Samaritans and a knowledgeable brother-in-law had us back and running again.

 2014-11-28 13.03.10

The last stop. And one of my favorite pictures of today. These two are peas in a pod. You can see the Turkey was a big hit 🙂

2014-11-28 14.21.55

After we dragged ourselves and a loaded car back home, it was time to Griswold the outside. It’s all fun and games until someone falls off a roof.

2014-11-28 17.03.34

He’s not sure if he should sniff it or pee on it.


While the grown ups froze our tails off playing with lights and wreaths and lawn ornaments, Stephen decided to keep J occupied with his newest Lego addition.

 2014-11-28 17.45.05

Finally, it was time to watch my favorite movie with my favorite 4 year old by the light and glow of the tree. I fell asleep before the Grinch scared the kids off the mountain. I guess I have turned into THAT aunt. I’m sure I gave him lipstick marks at some point this weekend, too.

2014-11-28 20.16.02     

One more Black Friday is over and done. It’s so hard to believe that my mother has survived so many consecutive years of this. Black Friday was once called “Day after Thanksgiving” sales. We were doing this before the mall was built, before the multiple locations of Wal-mart, Target or Best Buy. We have initiated our husbands and kids into the tradition and we have not missed one year since before I can remember. Happy Black Friday 2014!