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Workout Review Nov 24-30

nov 24

What a busy busy week!

So, who is winning? East Coast or West Coast? We are still leading by a very slim margin. I think this is going to go down to the wire. We have 2 weeks left to prove that EAST coast is the most Active Coast.

What I’m talking about is the’s Fitness FITBIT Blogger Challenge. 10 bloggers from the West are competing with 10 bloggers from the East. We have 4 weeks to use our Fitbit CHARGE devices to track our steps to see who can get the most steps. Wear the charge, move a lot, help our team. I thrive on challenges like this.

Click these links to see the leader board.

Another challenge that is started this week is this!

36 days of awesome. And it has been AWESOME. 1 mile a day counts. It has to be a running mile. And I’ve kept up with it so far. I’m beyond happy about having these 2 challenges to help my slow build back to running glory.

Here are my stats for this past week.

Monday: 3.5 miles

Tuesday 3.5 miles

Wednesday: 2 miles

Thursday: 4 miles

Friday 4 miles

Saturday 2.3 miles

Sunday 3.4 miles

Next week’s challenge is to choose a new kind of workout to help get to 10K a day. I think we’ve got this!