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Birds of a feather

I know this is a run+eat+CrossFit+Paleo+general fitness/nutrition blog, but one thing I miss is rambling about my day, especially some of the crazy things that go on during a regular day teaching kindergarten. And lately, we have been ridiculously excited about something.


Here is the link to the live feed. Some brave soul, along with Georgia Power, managed to get a live feed cam over a large eagle nest at Berry College. We have been watching for the past week. One egg has hatched and hopes are sinking that the other one will hatch.

Live streaming video by Ustream


Anyway, enjoy the lack of work productivity today!

As for me and my kindergarten kids…this is what makes learning so much fun. Technology has come a long way in the past 15 years and this just blows our minds. They have learned a lot about eagles, adaptation, habitats, all while their oral language development has taken a giant leap forward. I teach a high English Language Learner population but we are all talking about the “baby birdlet!!”

The rest of Wednesday was terrible.

Whole 30. Trying it again, this time with a friend at work. I didn’t completely cut the sugar during January and it’s taking a bigger toll on my glucose levels than I am comfortable. After a huge day of binging on sugar and crap food during a snow/ice storm, my body freaked out with various infections that required 2-3 rounds of more antibiotics. I told myself once I took my last pill, I was going back to what worked. Today was Whole 30 Day 1. And it was terrible. TERRIBLE.

I need good sleep. I hope my Jawbone UP has some good results tomorrow. Tonight, I do not feel like cooking, blogging, running, or doing anything but slipping slowly into mind numbess watching Sons of Anarchy.

No, Opie. One does not.

Season 2 starts tonight! 

Ready for Friday. But getting through Thursday might be tricky. No sugar. No fun.