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BibRave Pro

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I received a great email today. I’ve been selected to the BibRave Pro team! I have been stalking my email ever since the applications closed, hoping to get on the team. If you are not familiar with BibRave, just check out the hashtag on social media and look for the orange. They (We!!) are all over the place with races, gear, and general running excitement.

What is BibRave?

BibRave is an online community for runners to review and research races. Anyone can register to post reviews and it is a free service. This is a great way to find out about the races in your area. We all know how to find race reviews for the big named races. But those smaller home town races need respect, as well. BibRave is where you can find those. You can read my current BibRave profile.

BibRave is also the host of a weekly twitter chat that talks about anything and everything running. Use #bibchat to search and join in the fun each week. And, there is now a BibRave podcast which is great for downloading and listening while on the dreadmill.

Why BibRave Pro?

We are a team of runners of all shapes, sizes, and running speeds, that have a passion for running and love to share that with everyone. We are running races and reviewing them so you can know where the best expos, events, bling, and experiences can be found. We are all over the nation so anybody in any neck of the woods can find a great race nearby. We also test gear from brands that love runners. We will post honest..key word…HONEST…reviews about gear we try out on behalf of BibRave.

What does this mean for Katrina-Runs?

More running posts, more racing, and more reviews. I’ll have a race discount code page up soon and a brand discount code page under my running tab. Fall racing is gearing up across the country and I plan to be right in the middle of it or at least on the southern edge of it!

Does this mean no more recipes or puppy or pumpkin spice posts??

Nope. It just means more running and I can’t wait to get started!