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This is a post of visual feasts.


Bacon wrapped beef. These are tenderloins. Not the end tip fillet mignon, but the center loin fillet. Cheaper and ALMOST cut-with-a-fork tender, in my opinion.


Roasted sweet potatoes and parsnips. Olive oil. Goodness.

This is the last day for complete Whole 30 (35 days to be exact) and I’m looking forward to trying out rice, dairy, and maybe beans. I’ll reintroduce a little at a time to gauge any inflammation. I suspect sugar was the culprit for 80% of the swelling. I lost a large number of lbs in 30 days, but in reality, it was mostly swelling from my face, arms, and stomach. The next few days will be interesting! For now, I’m just enjoying my dinner. I put away half of this for lunch since I couldn’t finish it all tonight. The weekend is finally here!!!