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Baby Shower Brunch

baby shower 10It is a beautiful day for a baby shower brunch!

This morning, a group of people from our church got up early and brought all the green and blue dishes to the building to help welcome Baby Cooper, due in a few weeks. My sister (in law) is a fantastic party planner so we just followed the directions and the results were outstanding.

When planning a party for any size group, there are a few guidelines that have always worked for us.

Baby shower brunch menu

Keep it simple. Decided on 2-3 main attractions and make enough for the group. Keep in mind available resources like warmers, need for electric outlets, ice servers.

baby shower

For this brunch, the 2 main menu items were a grits bar and a yogurt bar. We had the heated warmer for the grits, and we made an ice container for the yogurt. Toppings for the yogurt were placed around the bowl for easy access.

baby shower 8For the grits bar, we had cheese, chives, butter, sugar, and bacon. Individual cups were displayed for people to make their own grits bowl.

 baby shower 9

An additional table was set for 2-3 additional dishes with smaller amounts for accent items to go with yogurt and/or grits.

baby shower 3Any brunch needs a coffee bar. We had a decaf favorite for the Mom-to-be, a regular house coffee, and a regular flavored coffee. A couple of flavored creamers and some sugar options rounded out this simple coffee bar.

 baby shower 11On the drink table, we had a couple of pitchers of a citrus sparkly punch and some lime water.

 baby shower 12

Baby shower brunch decor

This is another keep it simple, but pay attention to the details. A few details make a big scene. For this shower, the hostess’ opened and displayed the gifts so the new Mom could visit with her family and guests.

2019-03-23 09.14.31

As the baby clothes were opened, we displayed them on the clothesline across the large windows. It didn’t take long for this adorable display to take the center of attention as people arrived.

baby shower 13For most of the decorations, we let the dishes and the food be the star. Small touches like burlap, milk glass,  ribbon, confetti, monogram anything, and chalkboard signs always add a touch of color. We went with basic white tablecloths to set the food. 

baby shower 7For big displays, we used a large wooden announcement sign, a baby chair with a stuffed bear, and big balloons. With a large 2-story church area, we could use 3 large displays without overcrowding mingling space. baby shower 4

We can’t wait to meet baby boy in a few weeks! He is coming into a large football family. His father played for Jacksonville State and his uncle played for University of Alabama…football and baseball. This might explain the wide variety of sports-themed clothing for Baby. We look forward to many years of little league, football camps, and Friday (or Thursday…or any day!) night lights.

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