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2018-06-20 20.09.58We have a new member of the family.

Atlas joined us yesterday as an 8-week old puppy and he’s just wonderful! I got to meet his momma and dad and I know great things are in store for all of us.

Atlas is a brittany spaniel. These babies are great for hunting and retrieving. They have a lot of energy and I think his little body is overflowing with excitement about EVERYTHING!

We got Atlas from a friend of mine from way back in the college days. She raised Atlas until we took him home so I know he’s had a wonderful start and we don’t have any bad training or fears to overcome. He’s truly happy in all things, even is crate. He took to crate training like a champ.

Update: Check out our last week! Sleeping, playing, and being cute. Lately, we are working on fetching/retrieving, simple obedience commands, and leash training.

Welcome home, Atlas!!

Atlas sleepsAtlas frog legs2018-06-20 17.48.57

2018-06-20 15.24.55

Atlas 1Atlas2Atlas3atlas4Atlas5


Sunday 8th of July 2018

Just found your site looking for Patty pan recipe. Thank you. Congrats on Mr Atlis, what a baby! Glad he has a great napping buddy too. Have a super summer!