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ALIVE in August

Yes. I think I am technically still alive.

School started this week. But the work started a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s how it all happened:

  1. New school addition was supposed to be ready August 9. (I’m not moving classrooms, but the 9 month pregnant lady and the 2 ladies with recent back surgeries needed help moving)
  2. New addition AND old wing flooded thanks to the builders making the new addition below sea level.
  3. Because of the flooding, new floors and paint in old wing. New everything in new wing. August 13 is teacher report to duty day. August 13 was teacher panic but keep moving boxes day.
  4. Repeat all week. Moving, cleaning, alternating between getting my room ready and helping 10 teachers get all their stuff moved.
  5. Kids reported last Monday. I have nothing to say about that. I survived and crashed at 4:15
  6. Kids returned on Tuesday. I think all of us were a bit jaded. There was a sliver of hope that Monday was the only day they had to come to school. We were tired.
  7. Kids returned on Wednesday. Reality hit us all. School lasts for 180 days. I finally pulled out the big 180 day pocket chart and showed them. They were crushed until I told them they got to go home on weekends. Then they were thrilled. I admit it…I was too. I love my job Smile 
  8. By Friday we were loving life. Fun Friday includes all the greats. Play doh, shaving cream table cleaning, marble jar movie, Bingo, using markers, etc. However, we had a medical emergency with one of my students and it bothered us all. We somberly learned about the difference between bugs and spiders but our hearts were with a little girl in the hospital.

Then I came home and suffered through Oblivion. What a terrible movie. I have decided that I don’t care if Tom Cruise had a hand in directing, producing, or pushing a dolly with boxes, if his name is anywhere on it, I’m boycotting. That boy is messed up.