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A Hike and a Slide: Colorado 2015

I heard some rumors that a few places around Breckenridge offered gluten-free versions of French Toast. I totally blame Stephen for this.

2015-06-16 10.25.11

On Sunday, he got French Toast and slurped it down while I worked my way through my usual omelet at the Log Cabin Café. His looked so good and I could not stop thinking about waffles or French Toast. I decided to treat myself to some toast. It has been a few years since I’ve had this (long before going gluten-free), but wow. It was so good. I couldn’t finish all of it but I enjoyed every bite.

Stephen decided to try some southern cooking. Lucky for him, I’m not wishing for biscuits and gravy. He can have all that he can handle.

2015-06-16 10.27.30

A walk around Frisco. This town has my heart. I ran my first Colorado race here. I had my first fish tacos here. And as long as we can swing by here, I’ll keep loving this small town.

Copper Mountain

2015-06-16 10.45.44

Some other Mountain

2015-06-16 10.46.39

More Copper

2015-06-16 10.48.43

Beyonce’ the Giant Metal Chicken?

2015-06-16 10.50.46

Stephen thinks these look like the birds in the Chipotle commercial.

2015-06-16 10.50.24

Next up was a hike up to Rainbow lake where I missed the chance to get a picture of a moose. That is the main point I’m taking away from that experience. Stephen saw the moose walk into the lake and started yelling for me. Unfortunately, I was busy by a stream getting waterfall shots and could not hear him. When I finally did hear him and ran to the lake, the moose was climbing out of it. I missed the shot. And the stream shots weren’t that great, anyway.

Beautiful aspens and pines, though.

2015-06-16 11.27.25

2015-06-16 12.03.58

After some rain storms passed through, it was time for the Super Slide at the base of Peak 8 in Breck.


2015-06-16 15.54.57

2015-06-16 16.01.59

We got to go twice! The first trip down, there was a young boy who was not too sure of the whole thing. He rode his brake the entire way down. That slowed about 7 of us to a crawl. The operators lets us go again. The second time down was AMAZING!! We loved every minute.

Then it was drinks by the deck as we watched more storms roll in. We were about 1 minute late getting to the Gondola to ride back down. They shut it down due to lightening in the area. We hopped on the bus and then braved the hail storm to buy me some cookies!

2015-06-16 16.43.55-2

2015-06-16 17.43.45-2

2015-06-16 17.36.37

We had trout and potatoes for dinner. I have never made baked/broiled trout but I managed to make a good attempt and we devoured the whole thing. A Lot of lemon and love went into this dish Smile 

2015-06-16 18.24.20

Tomorrow, we say goodbye to Breckenridge and zip over to Aspen to camp in my favorite spot—-Maroon Bells!

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