July 25, 2011

Things are getting hectic. Where did the summer go?? I have one week left and about 50 things that I need to do before I go back to work. I’m not ready to get back to school, but I am ready for a routine again.

So what’s on that list of stuff to do?

  • Clean out the entertainment cabinet. It’s a giant green health hazard to anyone who opens it. I’m sure I have movies in there I have not watched.
  • Clean out the junk/photography room/ office/ library/ hunting and fishing room.
  • Research the new smurf, Gutsy. I’m a little peeved that a new smurf had to be created. There wasn’t enough smurfs from the village to choose from???
  • Plan and freeze some meals for school lunches.
  • Make more broth, put up tomatoes, can some white Chilton County peaches.
  • Read a book. Not a cookbook or school book. A real piece of fiction.
  • Back to school shopping.

So maybe I’ll get a couple of these done. Maybe I’ll put a few off until later 😉

But until then, it’s all about summer grilling.

I wanted some beef, but steaks were not on sale. Since the prices of food are still going up, it’s burger time with some sweet potatoes. I’m afraid before too long, the prices will be so high, dinner will be hot dogs and boxed Kraft mac and cheese. It’s not just people food either. Frankie is now handing over some of his kitty money to pay for his food. It went up about $2.00.

I cut up the potatoes and seasoned them with chipotle, parsley, and hickory salt. They hung out in the grill pan for awhile.

sweet sweet2

And the burgers got some treatment with a special seasoning from Philadelphia, Mississippi. It’s one of those things I can’t recreate. After he seasons them, he works some charcoal magic on the grill. Grilled Vidalia onions make it even better.


Lean beef, onions, low-fat cheese, wheat bun. It’s not perfect, but so much better than burger joints that might have some of Jamie Oliver’s pink slime.

Paired with grilled sweet potatoes.

dinner copy

Now I have some energy to get started on that list.

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1 Courtney @ Cookin Up Life July 26, 2011 at 10:01 pm

Yum! I can’t get over the new Smurf movie either! I watched a Foodnetwork Cake Challenge for it the other night and was like “WHAT… they can’t re-do my blue peeps!!” Haha hope to see you at CF in the am… I will be joining the early birds 🙂


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