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Wishing for Wednesday

I have so much going on lately with tons of reading, highlighting, and drafts for National Boards. Coffee is my constant. Day or night.

Is it possible for some people to have some biological barrier to caffeine? I can drink it at 11pm and fall asleep with the cup in my hand.

In fact, nothing and I mean NOTHING keeps me awake. I don’t think caffeine affects me at all. That’s a question for another day.

My treadmill running is going swimmingly. I get on. I turn on Netflix. And I zone out. Not very fast. It’s not pretty. But it’s getting done!

Speaking of done.

I think I have Tennis Elbow. And that has nothing to do with tennis. I think it has everything to do with holding my arms at such an angle and typing so much using the trackpad on my mac.

I have been doing a lot of extra reading and typing lately. I have seriously sharp pain on the outside of my elbow. Very specific. Very ligament-y.

But it’s also affecting my grip strength, which is troubling. Fun times ahead trying to treat this. The gel eye mask is a wonder.

Last week of February and the the roaring lion of March. This school year is moving by WAY too fast.

Happy Wednesday!