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Whole30-Back to a new reality

Back to school for us teachers today. We have big changes going on at school and they begin today. The kids do not come back until Wednesday, so we have 2 days for professional development and working in our rooms. We had a big administration change at our school in September and the new principal did not want to make a lot of schedule swaps in the middle of the semester. Needless to say, the stress factor is growing a little more this week.

And I chose today to start a cold-turkey-no-sugar Whole30 . Today.

If the program creators ever make the rule to cut caffeine, I’ll be out. I must have something to wake me up.

day 1

Blendtec making my coffee. A little coconut milk, cocoa powder (unsweetened) and ghee (clarified butter—no dairy solids)

2015-01-05 07.16.33

2015-01-05 07.17.10

Love the butter foam.

2015-01-05 07.18.29

We have 6 days a year when we as a staff can go out to lunch together and eat in a chair (instead of standing with an apple in one hand and directing lunch in another). We went to a local place that caters to a big Paleo crowd. They have a Paleo menu available with no oil, butter, or sugar in their dishes. I got a steak fajita salad and it is definitely a dish to make at home.

2015-01-05 12.29.27-1

I made a huge pot of chili last night and we warmed that up for dinner tonight. A big key to this plan is cooking a lot on the weekend. I don’t have to think about what to make. I open the fridge or read my list of options.

2015-01-05 20.25.11

Day 1 is not so bad. I really wanted to dive head first into some rice and beans and avoiding the sweet tea was brutal. I have a headache starting around 7 tonight and I know it will hang around for a few days.

I didn’t do any additional activity other than all the walking at school. I know the first week of Whole30 is NOT a good week to start back to CrossFit or do a lot of extra running. This week is all about surviving the “carb flu”.