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Whole 30:Day 2 Let it begin

Quick recap:

This is my back to school attempt at Whole 30. My first attempt at Whole 30 was amazing and I’ve managed to stick to a Paleo lifestyle approx 80% until June. After going on vacation, it all fell apart because well, I love ice cream. And potato chips. And gluten free pasta. But eating these long term do not agree with my body.

As far as weight, as of today, I’m 6lbs LIGHTER than my last day on Whole 30. However, the bloat, inflamed joints, puffy face, and not so great mood have GOT TO GO. I’m marathon training now and I need to get rid of the sugar, potatoes, and corn.

Yesterday was the first day and like before, I managed to get through it. Last time, I was at work teaching, so the day went by a LOT faster. I’m still on summer break and there is nothing worse than being around a kitchen. But I stayed busy and survived.

Disclaimer:  on days when all I do is run/CrossFit and work at home, I do not eat very much. I eat based on my energy needs. Summers, I’m not spending hours with kids, so I do not need as much food. Expect these meals to ramp up in a couple of weeks.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, bacon, orange


Lunch: Chicken soup. (Recipe)



Dinner: Salmon seasoned with chipotle and lime. Roasted broccoli with macadamia nut oil, lemon, pepper. Fresh lemons and limes make a big difference.


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