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Whole 30:D1 No vending machine visits


Day 1 is done! I lived the whole day without 1 can of coke. I usually have 3 a day at school since Christmas. Today, not 1. I managed to make the clean break again and I hope like last time, I will make the break from sugar compulsion again.

Last year, I finished the total break from sugar and non-gluten grains. I occasionally added sugar treats back during birthdays, vacations, family get-togethers, etc. And I could take it or leave it. I enjoyed them. But the next day, I didn’t crave them. I cruised at that level all the way through tailgate season until about the end of November. The last two weeks of the semester, I started drinking cans of Coke again at school. It was just during school that I had to have a cold fizzy coke to start my day, get through my day, and celebrate the end of the day. That carried over to craving more sugar tea at home. Sugar treats that were no longer treats, but daily routine. However, my weight and clothes stayed the same. I didn’t think it was a big deal. I mean, I knew I shouldn’t have so much sugar, but as long as my hard work from Jan-Oct was still obvious on the outside, I didn’t care what my pancreas might be doing inside. The race gave me a big clear sign that I wasn’t so healthy anymore.

So this is it. Another round. And this time, my health is on the line.

I made a lot of food this weekend in prep for this week. One of those was another sausage sweet potato quiche. I have made this a few times already and I’m not even close to being tired of it. I had that for breakfast AND lunch. I carried soup for lunch, but I did not want it so I had another piece of quiche.

I snacked on a piece of apple sausage and a banana right before a long faculty meeting.

For dinner, I had a big bowl of Thai coconut soup.

I was so focused on doing this right that I did not get one single picture.

However, here is a pic of all my food prep and it includes the soup, sausage, and quiche.


Here’s to the next 29 days.

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