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Whole 30 day 19: Crash and burn

I did have a lot of trouble sleeping because I kept waking myself up trying to breathe through very congested sinuses and sore throat. Every hour or so, I would wake up and drink a metric ton. Then I would go to the bathroom. It was not a pleasant night.

Breakfast was the banana, almond butter, coffee, and cocoa shake. My throat was barely functioning.

Lunch: more chicken soup that I had frozen from Sunday. I planned to have it next week but it was all I could stand to get down for lunch. It was mostly broth, but man that broth from chicken bones is so good.

I did stay on plan until I ate 2 corn tortillas after school with some friends before the dr. cleared out some. When I went by there after school, the wait time was over an hour. They said a good lull would be around 4:30-5:00 and I should check then or be there first thing Sat. morning. I decided to wait and chill out with 2 Mexican tacos with chorizo. It was so good and I have no shame whatsoever. I did want to bury my head in heaps of chimichangas, but I stuck with the little Mexican soft tacos and that was my dinner. I can definitely tell that my portion sizes have decreased.

I went back to the dr. at 4:30 on the dot and I was walking out 45 minutes later. I took 2 shots in the butt, massive anti-biotics, and my favorite…Mucinex D. I have to show my ID, shoe size, blood type, and CVS card before they will sell it to me, but it’s worth it. The shots make me VERY wired for the rest of the night so I went on a little cleaning spree around the house. It also destroys the appetite so my last meal of the day was the tacos at 3:30. I drank a ton of water and took my vitamins and finally settled down around midnight. Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday.

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