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Where’s my Pork, Chipotle?

When I woke up this morning, dragging, the first thing I remember thinking is about our date night to Chipotle tonight. I already knew what I was going to have because it is the ONLY thing that is Whole30 compliant-Pork Carnitas salad. The other meats are cooked in rice bran or soybean oil and I know those are very inflammatory oils. No thank you. Not after I have put in 9 days of strict Whole30 compliance and I’m finally starting to feel the effects of a squeaky clean diet.


This happened.

I found out about this while checking my Facebook during my break. I understood why they pulled the pork, but I secretly hoped my small town store would still have reserve pork to finish selling.

But I was denied my carnitas. None to be found in Tuscaloosa. I even asked the nice lady if this was due to a run on the pork or if it was pulled due to the supplier and she wasn’t sure, but said since they rarely run out of pork, she felt sure it was due to the supplier problem.

So what did I eat today?

Breakfast: I wasn’t hungry at all. I felt a return of the that funky “carb flu” feeling or it may actually be a cold since my kiddos at school are dropping like flies. Anyway, I just made a tall cup of coffee+coconut milk+clarified butter+cocoa powder.

Lunch: beef and vegetables.

 2015-01-14 10.33.34-1

Dinner was vegetarian salad at Chipotle. Which means I paid 5 bucks for a tray of lettuce and guac. We went to Starbucks before church so I could get a hot cup of PLAIN coffee with some cocoa powder. It wasn’t the yummiest because I still crave sugar with my coffee. But it was hot and that worked for me.

day 10

Day 10. I made it to day 10. I’m not at all concerned about making it through the next 20+ days. The sugar addiction is so much worse this time around, it seems.

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