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Wheel in the sky

Thursday already?? This morning’s Pandora shuffle landed on a great one from Journey and it’s been in my head all day. I overslept this morning but thankfully, my kids know what to do when they arrive each day. We have such a staggered arrival time over 20 minutes, they have an easy-breezy social time until the bell rings. I know I do not like coming right in the door and taking tests or doing “busy work”. I like to visit, catch up with people, high-five some kids, enjoy my coffee, etc. I don’t expect 5 year olds to come in the room and sit down to do paper work. They can find favorite books, chit-chat, wander around getting in the school groove, write in notebooks, etc. So even though I was not standing at the door at 7:45, when I did walk in at 7:48, nothing was out of the ordinary. They were doing their thing and greeted me as usual. Have I mentioned that I love my job?

I also love it when Stephen surprises me with these beauties. He cleaned the kitchen and had these waiting.

2015-01-22 07.18.13

What I do NOT love is this current pumpkin-head sinus junk and the never-ending sore throat that is holding a strep-infection rave. I think this medicine is nothing but ground-up tic-tacs. Not working at all.

day 18

Breakfast and I’m very sad to say that I didn’t (couldn’t) eat the bacon. Too scratchy.

eggs bacon

Multi-tasking this morning. Love the foam in my coffee. I’m still struggling HARD with no sugar in my coffee. My blender greets me in the morning with more grace than Frankie jumping on my head.

2015-01-22 07.18.53

2015-01-22 07.20.42

This is my nice staged dinner plate from the night before but my lunch bowl of leftovers didn’t look near this good. I can’t make good pictures of food in a plastic bowl. I’ve tried. Trust me, this was just as good in an ugly bowl 🙂

     2015-01-21 22.13.24-1

Tomorrow is Friday and I’m about to fall asleep in my chair. It’s only 5:45pm. I’m either sick or old. I’m going with sick.