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Tuscaloosa Boot Camp

Without going into too many details (this is a registered program and I won’t share the specifics), first day was AWESOME! The hour was a constant movement of cardio and strength and each exercise could be adjusted to individual levels. There is plenty of room for individual improvement and tons of motivation to do so. Other than being absolutely exhausted, I’m ready to go back.


My eating today was a huge FAIL. When I got up so early, the idea of oatmeal was nauseating. I managed to choke down half a cliff bar and some water. I did pack a post-workout protein shake but that wasn’t going to sit well after working out. I finished the rest of the protein bar.


Now, yesterday, I made some really good beans and rice. I packed my lunch with that, fruits, yogurt, veggies, turkey/cheese, nuts. I merrily packed my lunch but forgetting that today was a field trip. I seriously doubt the Tuscaloosa Barnyard had microwaves on the farm. :-(  I was at the mercy of the school field trip sack lunch. The apple was divine. The PB&J ….not so much.

We didn’t lose anybody, nobody fell in the pond, nobody got their head pecked into a nub, but we did get lost on the way back to school. I was starving so a pack of goldfish went down rather quickly.

Then, board meeting. I’m enjoying a few moments of peace right now, so I’ll let that board meeting just eek out of my head right now. . . sigh…great feeling.

And now that I can barely keep my eyes open, I’m having leftovers from last night. Finally, something healthy and non-artery clogging.


No pics. Too tired and I didn’t get pics of my food today. Later y’all!

Life’s about to get busy
100 Calories and doin’ it like the boys!


Monday 26th of April 2010

I'm glad you liked your boot camp.