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Threat of Danger-Book Review


10 years ago, Jess and Derek planned to sneak away for a private afternoon together in a secluded cabin. What they actually experienced was a 3-day captivity with a sadistic madman who said and did horrific things to Jess while Derek had to watch. With most of the town and her own family against her because she couldn’t just “get over it”, Jess left for the bright lights of L.A and became a highly successful stuntwoman. Never again would she be the victim. Derek went into the military and when he was medically unable to serve, he turned to writing bestselling crime novels.

Present day, Jess is called home to help care for her mother and the family maple business and Derek was none too happy.

“You can’t come back!” Notice he said “can’t”. And now the story takes off. Why doesn’t Derek want her back? Can she stay to help the family even with the memories at every turn and sound? What about those creepy crows? Who can Jess and Derek trust? Will her mother ever come to terms with her daughter’s method of coping? And finally, who kidnapped them 10 years ago?

Dana Morton has crafted a beautiful and heartbreaking story about overcoming brutal abuse, forgiving others, learning to love for perhaps the first time, and believing in something stronger than yourself. This was an exceptional story and I’m so glad I found this author! Thank you to NetGalley and Montlake Romance for the ARC for my honest opinion.