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There is a first time for everything.

Yesterday, while driving home from work after tutoring, my 4runner stalled out. I drove through a red light and noticed I was losing acceleration so I quickly changed lanes and got to the side of the road before giant tanker trucks or log trucks could squash me. I frantically tried to crank the engine but nothing was happening other than the starter was trying its hardest to make the thing crank. I called Stephen to come get me and tried to explain what was going on but I was shivering (who wears a coat in Alabama??) and trying not to freak out that my beloved ancient 4runner had left me stranded. He asked if I was out of gas. Of course not! My needle showed a quarter of a tank left. That is more than enough to get home and back to school the next day.


Long story short…I was out of gas. There was no sputtering or coughing or gradual death like you hear in movies. My needle was stuck on quarter of a tank, and even if Stephen believes the little red warning light is based on actual gasoline in the tank, I’m now convinced it is based on the location of the needle because that red warning light never happened. We got gas and my treasured Sassy lit right up with the same perkiness as always. Only now the gas needle is stuck so I have to do actual math and keep up with my fuel level. Or as my dad said, “Use the trip meter and when you’ve gone about 300 miles, fill it back up”.

So that was my exciting night after the terrible day that was heavy in misery.

Today is Friday, so that means I had a great day. The kids were feeling better, I was feeling better enough to fake feeling better, and it was Friday before a 3 day weekend.

day 12

Food..was glorious. I had more leftovers including some frozen stuff from last week.

2015-01-05 07.18.29

2015-01-08 09.08.27

 2015-01-05 20.25.11

2015-01-11 20.14.16-2

Bring on the weekend.

Whole30 Day 11
Pork Asparagus Stir Fry Cooking Light