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The miles move along slowly.

I’m still running. I’m just not posting much about it. I’m still working through the CrossFit Endurance plan for April, May, and June half marathons. I’m doing one short interval, one long interval, and one tempo/”long” run a week along with regular CrossFit strength workouts. Right now, just getting these done are kicking my tail. I’m ashamed to say that I hate speedwork but I love what it does for me. Actually getting the intervals done is like pulling teeth. I don’t get the endorphin rush like I do with easy runs. As I’ve said earlier, ALL my running up until this training session has been “easy” or recovery running. I’ve just focused on getting in the miles and not really caring how long it takes me. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that but I wanted to try something different.

Tuesday: 10-12 x 200m w/90sec rest
Thursday: 4-5 x 800m w/ 2:30rest (I felt horrible. Recovering from bladder infection)
Sunday: 5M @ last weeks 5k

They are getting harder. This week is going to be a big challenge. It all starts tomorrow and I’m actually looking forward to completing the workouts and feeling good after. Not that yippee great feeling, but that “I just worked my body until it can’t even fidget” feeling.

Happy Monday night!


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