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The day that never ended

I got through the day without losing my mind or knocking anybody in the head. It’s a good day.

The meeting went as best as it could, I think. We answered the questions and sounded like we knew what we were talking about. Most of the time, we did. A couple of questions were answered by the seat of our pants and that’s perfectly fine. Anything we said, we knew we could back it up with documentation.

After a night of strange dreams like my eyeballs literally bleeding, I woke up at 4 to study some more and try to get ready for the day. No crossfit because I felt that I needed those extra couple of hours to get all my notes in order. IMG_4148

After peeling my eyes open for good and swallowing some water, I ran out of the door grabbing what I could for lunch. Stephen filled in the gaps with some good choices. And yes, the girl who often shuns the color pink has a bag and all her coordinating desk accessories in the colors pink, green, black. Even the folders and personalized notes above are in the same color scheme. I happen to love those colors on my desk. It’s the little things, y’all.

 photo(15) lunch

Tonight, I started week 4 of crossfit endurance schedule for half marathons. It was short interval day.

I did 4 miles total.

mile 1-warm up

Mile 2- 4x400m

Miles 3, 4- slower miles to cool down and work off some hot chocolate that would be consumed 2 hours later.

I’m just going to mention again…I hate speedwork. But I love it when I’m done and sweating and shaking and whining.

Dinner was good. But I’m too tired to talk about it.

Let’s hope Wednesday is a better day. It has to be because I’m looking at a great weekend coming up!

The miles move along slowly.
Mystery dinner