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The edge of glory, Thursday randoms

~ Why is this song running through my head? I guess I should be glad its no longer school songs. If I wake up singing Pete the Cat’s Rocking in My School Shoes again, I’m just might cry.

Here, let me share the joy with you. I demand Teacher of the Week for this public service.


~ Why does my house smell like baloney? I blame Frankie and the bag of subpar special pee pee food that I bought. I’m going to the vet today to get his regular special pee pee food. I can’t have this lingering odor greeting me each morning.

~ “Redneckenize” should be banned forever. FOREVER!

Unfortunately, I recognize that this family lives within Sunday afternoon driving distance from me. I also recognize that no matter how much time we spend with students, we can’t fix redneckenism.

~ Some strange things going on in this world. You can’t buy a supersize Coke slushy, but booze and cigs are just fine.

~ I don’t get this phrase :Throwing out the baby with the bathwater. 

~ Small children and rodents have been lost forever in the potholes in my neighborhood. Yesterday “they” filled them, finally!! With pebbles. Guess how long that lasted? If you said “not near as long as it took you to moan and complain and put in sentence form”, well you would be right. I have no idea who “they” are. The city and county have been fighting over it so I’m not sure who caved. Then again, maybe it was pygmy cookie baking tree trolls.

Halfway there
Small favors