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Thanksgiving 2013

Today is when my side of the family comes together to enjoy our big meal and decorate for Christmas. After we shopped our fannies off yesterday, we slept in a little later while the turkey was baking. Mom does this low and slow turkey magic that results in the best tasting bird. For years, we would let Kroger cook the turkey for us. Once I started driving, I was the one who made the 30 minute trip to town to pick up the turkey. After Kroger stopped doing that service, Mom tried cooking her own. It was so good and juicy. Now she cooks it every year.

But Grandma is the official carver. I’m the official tester.








After lunch, I had the best time taking some family pictures for my sister. She wanted some with their furbaby, Roxy. And I had the cutest monkey, Jackson, to capture, too.


On the drive home, I listened to the Alabama-Auburn game. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. 364 more days until we have another go at them. That should be plenty of time……

The last day of November was the best of times. Christmas season has officially begun!