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Taxes on Tuesday

2017-03-14 12.14.38-1

Before I got the text reminding me to start taxes, I was one very happy camper. I had time to sleep in past 5, make the good coffee, and cook a real breakfast. I was so full of happiness, I shared some of my bacon with Frankie. That cat loves bacon.

But like football season, all good things eventually come to an end, just like my spring break groove. I started up the Turbo tax program so it could do the updates since the IRS sits around and makes up new rules and codes. I loaded up some favorite oils in my diffuser and got busy.

2017-03-14 12.58.57-1

3 hours later………

2017-03-14 17.40.44

It’s not much the questions, it’s more the tedious stuff. This year, we had a couple of new things with land purchase, house sale, and construction loan. Then I had the small business blogging forms to deal with. Teacher expenses. “Job” expenses over the paltry 250$ credit I automatically get. Add a zero to that number to get closer to what I actually spend on my students. Then the health care stuff, charities, donations, etc.

After awhile, I had to go look at the house progress. I needed to sniff some pine boards to feel right with the world again. Not having kids is a big giant flag for the IRS to come stick it to us.

Stephen has been busy. Guest room and my office on right. Our bedroom and bath/closet suite on left.

2017-03-15 17.25.11

Getting these taxes done is my goal for March. I’m off to a good start but I’m still looking for deductions. Happy Tuesday!

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