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So long September

I can’t believe this is the end of September. I don’t remember a lot about the past few weeks except for sleeping a LOT, football, loving school, and waiting for fall. Beyond that, I have no idea where the days and time went. I guess it flew by while I was asleep or yelling at the TV or real people in the stadium.

I’ve had some happy times and now they seem to be outnumbering the sad times. Although, the sad moments seems to be harsher and sharper when they hit. Usually when I open mail from BABY marketers. It seems my surgery was classified as a “maternity” surgery since I was close enough to the end of the first trimester. Now I’m getting a lot of mail from baby companies like Babies R Us. And I know if BRU has my address, I can expect more junk mail from more companies. This is NOT helping me at all. Unless…

I ran this week. It was glorious. I had a total of 13.5 miles and I am ready to add a lot more over the next few weeks. And, maybe this will be a good week at CrossFit. I have my fingers crossed that I can stay healthy this week. The kids are catching everything under the sun and my class perfect attendance record has been abysmal.

Not much else is going on. It feels so good to look forward to going to work again. We’ve had a major administration change that needed to happen 3 years ago. The stress at school has DRAMATICALLY decreased and the hallways are full of happy kids. I’m headed to get some major sleep so I can take on my very large class of kindergartners tomorrow. It’s almost October, which is my favorite month. I have a lot of fun to dive into.

Happy Monday!